Texas Ready…has arrived!

Here at Texas Ready, we are so last century. We grow vegetables in our gardens from heirloom seed, we listen to 78rpm records on wind-up phonographs and have a 1939 Buick Special parked in the garage. For us, it’s all about getting off the grid!

So creating a blog for our seed bank company was not an idea we were terribly thrilled with. After all, Lucinda (the Seed Lady) ran her own printing company in Pasadena, CA years ago, and is fully adept at compiling, typesetting, printing and mailing newsletters. Her partner Kurt (that would be me) regularly publishes sizable catalogs in his other business (Nauck’s Vintage Records), which are mailed to thousands of collectors, institutions and archives in over 50 countries.

So you might say we have been dragged kicking and screaming into this brave new world of online social media. But everyone has been clamoring for us to get with the program, so I suppose that you can now consider the program officially gotten with. We’ve got the Facebook, the Twitter (I posted our first twit this afternoon!) and the Linked In things going on, and no doubt there will be more to come. Keeping up with all of this will be another matter entirely, as Lucy and the gang spend most of their waking hours filling seed banks, teaching seminars and attending shows. I spend most of my time trying to keep out of Lucy’s way.

But we’re going to give this our best shot. If everything works according to plan, you’ll be seeing regular – or at least semi-regular – posts having to do with gardening, seed saving, self-sustainability and life in general. If you like what you see, please spread the word. We aren’t doing this simply for our own pleasure!

Most of what you read will be penned by the lovely, gracious and ever-talented Lucinda. Occasionally I’ll pop in with my own sparkling commentary, just to keep things interesting. Either way, we are committed to providing you with content worth reading. We hope you’ll find it worthwhile!

– Kurt

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    Janie said,

    Glad to have found you. Are any of your seeds associated in any way with Monsanto?

    • 2

      No, we only sell open-pollinated heirloom seeds – not GMOs or hybrids. We are one little part of a much larger movement fighting against the destruction of the natural genetic diversity of our food supply. Indeed, we are signatories to the Safe Seed Pledge. Check out our website and you’ll learn more! Thanks Janie

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